Planning For Your Dream Campervan Trip

Campervan TripA campervan will without doubt make your road trips a classic and one to remember for a long time. Depending on the destination you choose for your trip, a campervan will make it possible for you to maneuver even the remote area ensuring that you get the very best of the destination as far as sightseeing goes. It also offers a self-sufficient way of spending a few days on your favorite camping site together with a few loved ones or friends. But just like any other trip, you still need to make plans for your campervan trip to make it a success every possible way.

Route and itinerary

Even before choosing the campervan that you will be using during your trip, it is important that you begin by planning out your route and itinerary. This is very important considering that some routes or campsites are set far off in areas where there is absolutely no service, no petrol stations, no mobile reception and no power. If you rental company does allow you to travel such routes, then you need to be well prepared and armed with everything that you could need in such an area so you do not end up being stranded. The secret is to make sure that you choose your routes with everything in mind so you can enjoy to the fullest without much disappointment.


It cannot be forgotten when planning for that campervan trip. The weather conditions in the areas that you wish to visit can help determine what campervan is best for the conditions. The climate is also very important because it determines how much fun you are going to have. A little rain can be welcomed on a hot day but you definitely won’t like a trip in very wet and soggy conditions. Choose a time of the year when the weather is perfect for a trip or camp and it won’t have any adverse effects on your campervan.


Now that you already know the route and you have selected the right travel time to enjoy the destination, you can go ahead and select a campervan for your use. Most vans are utility sized outfitted with basic essentials like sinks, cooking facilities, crockery, fridge and beds. If you get a larger sized van then you might even find shower and toilet facilities but they are usually reserved for motorhomes that are larger. When looking at the campervan, make sure that you know the number people you are going on the trip with, where you are going, the comfort levels and of course your budget. When renting, there are a few things you should remember.

· Majority of campervans include manual transmission so be ready to drive standard

· Usually you have to be of age, 21 years, to be allowed to rent a campervan

· Insurance charges may vary from a rental company to another so make sure you do check with your rental company

The conveniences and equipment included varies from campervan to another so make sure that your van has everything you deem important during your trip. You might to make a few personal additions if what is offered is not sufficient enough.