Heavenly Cities for Shopaholics

seoulThe best aspect of traveling to a new destination is exploring its wonderful culture and amazing attractions. All else comes secondary. However, for shopaholics, it is all about spotting the best places for emptying their wallets. That’s what the love for shopping does to people. Fortunately for shopaholics, there are some amazing cities in the world where the shopping experience would make you jump up and down with joy. From the latest fashions to the bargain shops, there’s nothing like shopping at these places.

Although the recommended cities might dig a huge hole in your pockets, it’s all worth the torture. Here are some of the best cities with amazing shopping experiences.

1. Seoul

Surprised? Wait till you find stuff that will keep you addicted for the rest of your life. South Koreans have an eternal love for shopping, and this you’ll experience everywhere in Seoul. The most special aspect of shopping in Seoul is that no matter how meager the shopping, you’ll never be turn down the credit card. Saying ‘Cash only’ is an illegal phrase when in Seoul. The best places to shop whilst you’re there are Myeongdong and Dongdaemun where you’ll find everything you’ve been looking for. For some quality street shopping, head to the amazing Itaewon!

2. Dubai

UAE has gained popularity over the recent years because of a lot of reasons. The weather is a turn off for many, but that doesn’t hamper anything happening in the city of Dubai. What could be better for the shopaholics when the train stations are connected with the grand malls? Dubai malls are no joke, and this duty free shopping experience is beyond amazing. When there is the Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates, it is a challenge to stop yourself from impulsive buying. Visiting Dubai during the sale seasons is heavenly for shopaholics!

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong overwhelms tourists a great deal because at the end they’re confused with what not to buy. With thousands of shop catering to needs of millions, this doesn’t come as a surprise. You could be a mall lover or a market hound, in Hong Kong you’ll find plenty to buy. The Causeway Bay and Sheung Wan are some of the finest places to shop in Hong Kong. To experience what it is like to enter a lively bazaar, head to the amazing TsimShaTsui.

4. Paris

Paris for Eiffel, Paris for lovers and of course Paris for shopping! You can’t possibly miss out on that. When it comes to a shopping holiday, Paris would never disappoint you. The shopping streets are most loved by tourists because of the endless shops and the wonderful ambiance. Rue de Rivoli and Champs Elysees are arguably the best of these! For a luxurious shopping experience, head to the majestic Galeries Lafayette. And if you’re there on a rainy day, the heavenly malls of Paris would take all your worries away!