5 Reasons Why Turkey Is the Ideal Family Holiday Destination

TurkeyTurkey remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, especially with holidaymakers from Northern European countries such as the UK. It is a particularly good choice for families too – here are just five of reasons why this can make for the perfect getaway with loved ones, young and old.

Firstly, it is no secret that a trip to Turkey will not break the bank. The country is renowned for its quality, affordable accommodation and cheap flights, which make visiting the country a great choice for those on a budget. This can be great for families, who will need to find accommodation for a large group of people, pay for family meals and invest in excursions for everyone.

Even renting a car in Turkey is inexpensive, which means that the country remains a top place for those who want to enjoy themselves as much as possible without splurging too much. There are many great all inclusive family resorts in Turkey too, with package deals often saving travellers here even more money on their break.

The next reason why the country makes such a great place for families is that it is very safe. Many can be rightfully concerned about the wellbeing of their family when travelling abroad, especially when they are accompanying young children. As mentioned above, there are many excellent all inclusive family resorts in Turkey, which aim to ensure a safe holiday for all.

As tourism is well developed in the country, many people here speak English or are will ingot make the effort to welcome holidaymakers, and people who visit here frequently consistently point out how friendly and accommodating the locals are. This can all add to the safety, security and ease of vacationing in this country as a family.

Thirdly, Turkey is a great place to get away to as a family due to the wealth of activities that are on offer here. As mentioned above, tourism is well developed in the country, and as a result there are numerous activities to do, ranging from water sports and hiking to cultural excursions and historical tours.

The country is also popular for its beaches and its nightlife, so there is literally something for everyone here. This is ideal for a family of various ages and interests, and children are bound to be just as entertained as adults are. All inclusive family resorts can be a great base for families, as often there are many children’s activities included in these holiday packages.

A fourth reason why this part of the world is ideal for a family holiday is the fact that it is very easy to travel around here. Not only are rental cars inexpensive, but the road network is relatively easy to navigate, with the friendly locals always willing to help out lost tourists.

The safety of the country is another major factor in how easy it is to get around Turkey, with travellers being free to explore. Road travel is a great option for families, as it can mean cheaper transport, better organisation and the opportunity to visit places of interest to each and every family member. Ask your travel agent about how to go about renting a car during your stay in the country.

Lastly, Turkey is great for a family break because it is not far to travel to from many places in Northern Europe. Flights from the UK are typically around four hours in length, which is just long enough to be transported to a more exotic location without having to sit through an excessively long flight.

Parents can appreciate that travelling with children is not always easy, so short, direct flights from Northern Europe are often much appreciated by all who travel to Turkey from this part of the world.