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June 2016

Romantic Getaway in the Yarra Valley

Romantic Getaway in the Yarra ValleyWine and dine your loved one at one Victoria’s premier vineyard regions and experience the romance of the Yarra Valley. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder this picturesque wine growing region is such a popular destination for weddings, functions and romantic weekend escapes.

The Beauty of Nature

Experience the endless natural beauty of the Lotus Flower Season. Commencing on 27 December, this premier attraction features thousands of lotus and water lily flower blooms over 14 acres of ponds and ornamental lakes. What better location for a romantic moment with that special person in your life.

Winery and Brewery Tours

Travel by limousine, bus, or car to some of the best wineries of the region and enjoy a romantic winery tour. Sip your way through quality tastings at Balgownie Estate, Domaine Chandon, De Bortoli and the historic Yeren Station Winery. The Yarra Valley is also famous for its world class breweries and cider houses. Tours available. And food lovers won’t want to miss an indulgent Epicurean Food and Wine Tour.

Yarra Valley Accommodation

There is plenty of quality Yarra Valley accommodation to choose from such as the Balgownie Estate Resort which offer full conference facilities and high quality guest amenities. Just 56 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, and with well-appointed suites Balgownie Estate Resort is the perfect place for that romantic escape to the country.

Call the Chauffer!

Sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company on a luxury chauffer driven tour. For a unique experience book a classic stretch limousine and enjoy complete luxury, style and comfort. Enjoy an a la carte lunch at a quality winery restaurant, and indulge in exclusive cellar door wine tastings along the way. At the end of the day, be driven in comfort back to your accommodation or enjoy a dinner at one of the Yarra Valley’s fine dining restaurants.

Take to the Skies

Be invigorated with an early morning hot air ballooning tour and see the Yarra Valley region from the skies above. Arrive at Rochford wines before sunrise and be transported by hot air balloon to your lunchtime dining destination. Remember to rug up, pack your camera and get ready for a high flying adventure! The adventurous at heart will enjoy the thrill and breathtaking views of a chartered helicopter tour.

Events to Remember

The Yarra Valley is prime location for top quality cultural events. From golf tournaments to vineyard concerts and food and wine festivals, the region is bustling with activity. Book tickets for A Day on the Green. This famous outdoor concert series features legendary local and international artists and is held in the picturesque grounds of the Rochford Estate Winery. The perfect romantic getaway for two.

Plan a trip to remember and experience the romance of the Yarra Valley.

Spectacular Holiday Destinations on a Budget

BaliMany of us keep our travel plans aside because traveling and saving do not go along successfully. Contrary to this belief, you can always enjoy more by giving in less. There are many travel destinations in this world that are famous for their amazing attractions, wonderful climate, delightful cuisine and much more. Above all, despite your limited budget, you’ll still be able to explore them.

So the next time you’re traveling in a limited budget, lift your chin high because we have a collection of some spectacular travel destinations.

1. Bali
You must have heard of Bali being popular for a luxurious destination. However, it is also a great choice when traveling in a budget. There are endless attractions to be explored in Bali and tourists are left with limitless choices. Bali is a mind blowing island where you’ll find the best of both worlds. Eat, love, pray and do so much more! If you are a nature lover, there is no better experience than to witness the sunrise and sunset in Bali. For sunset, Ulluwatu Temple is one of the most popular spots. The gigantic temple is located on the limestone cliff and offers breathtaking view. The Kecak Dance taking place at the sunset is also a unique sight. Bali is also home to wonderful villages with vast rice paddies. You might be on your bicycle, car or even by foot; it is a delight to explore them. Mount Batur looks heavenly, especially when you arrive there just in time for sunrise. Last but not the least, the marvelous beaches of Bali are outstanding. You might turn up the romance or indulge in water sports; you’re destined to have the time of your life in Bali!

2. Denver
If you believe Colorado to be expensive for traveling, you need to give Denver a fair chance. It is also famously known as the Mile High City. Denver is a travel destination like no other; rich culture, 300 summer days, natural wonders and so much more! The natural beauty of the city can be explored by visiting the alpine pastures of Mount Evans. A large variety of wildlife along with the spectacular landscape makes it a picturesque destination. Denver is also famous for its Museum of Nature and Science. There is no better place to explore the prehistoric times, Ice Age and some special collection of artifacts. The Denver Center for Performing Arts is the perfect place for an engaging night out. The breath taking Botanical Gardens would leave you in awe because of the magical variety of its flora and fauna. Denver’s Zoo is also loved by tourists around the globe.

3. Egypt
The uncertain safety conditions of Egypt might come in the way. Despite that, Egypt is a unique travel destination and ideal if you’re traveling in a budget. This oldest tourist destination has so much to offer to travelers. Whether you remember it for its civilization, Giza pyramids, Nile or the camels, exploring Egypt is surely magical! Although there is a lot to explore, you can’t leave the country without traveling to some of its most famous attractions. Among them, the Pyramids of Giza take the lead. The pyramids took three generations to get constructed, and it is no surprise that they’ve been listed as one of the wonders of the world. Moving on, Karnak is another favorite. Even when they’re ruined beyond repair, they are still the largest religious site to ever get constructed. Once in the country, it is a delight to experience the River Nile Cruise. Who doesn’t know about the grand tombs of Egypt? Head to the Valley of the Kings to explore these majestic tombs built ages back.

Our Guide To 48 Incredible Hours In Hong Kong

Hong KongYour first fabulous day in Hong Kong

Take in Your Surroundings

Start your morning with a trip to Victoria Peak, where you’ll experience some of the most magnificent, panoramic views of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, harbour, and mountain backdrop. To get there take the tram, one of the oldest in the world, that climbs steeply to the top. At the top head to the Peak Tower and the Sky Terrace, where you’ll stand 1,300-feet above sea level. If you prefer to see the city lit up, head up here as the sunsets, and don’t forget your camera. The tram runs everyday from 7am to 12am from the Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus.

After taking in the views head into the iconic Peak building to enjoy the rest of the attractions. Here you’ll find one of the best shopping areas in Hong Kong with a good selection of fashion and gift shops. It also has a fun post office where you can send a specially marked postcard from The Peak! Also at The Peak is Hong Kong’s Madame Tussauds where you can get up close and personal with your favourite celebrity; the wax version anyway. Finish your visit with lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants serving up unbeatable views and tasty traditional cuisine.

Man Mo Temple

If you want to get views of Hong Kong at night visit the Man Mo Temple Sheung Wan in the morning, if not head here after you’ve been to The Peak. You’ll find the temple on Hollywood Road; it’s the biggest temple of its kind in Hong Kong. The temple is dedicated to the worship of two gods, Mo Tai and Man Tai. It was built in 1847 and was made a protected historic building in 1993. You can visit the temple any day of the week from 8am to 6pm. To get to the temple take Hong Kong’s famous moving sidewalk, the Midlevels Escalator; it makes the steep climb up the hillside much easier. The route the escalator takes is a great way to soak up the action and people of the city.

Night Market

The true colour and character of Hong Kong comes to life at the Temple Street Night Market. It is here where you’ll recognise the backdrop scenes used many times in films. Vendors selling their, sometimes kitsch wares, fortune tellers, and street performers vie for your attention. Once the sun goes down the market is packed with tourists and locals in search of inexpensive food and products; it’s a great place to eat dinner. Vendors sell plenty of local specialities from their stalls and you’ll also find cheap restaurants that are perfect for people watching. It is also where you’ll encounter the sometimes unusual cures prescribed by tradition Chinese medicine masters. The nearest MTR stations to the market are Yau Ma Tei and Jordan Road. Don’t forget that bargaining is part of the fun here!

Ideas for your second exciting day in Hong Kong


For breakfast make the trip to Tai Cheong Bakery, famous for its amazing egg tarts with perfectly fluffy crusts and partially sweet centres. There are actually several branches throughout the city, but for the original head to Lyndhurst Terrace Central, which opens at 7:30am. Word is that the seaweed egg rolls here are fantastic too. Everything is almost always fresh out of the oven due to the immense popularity that makes them fly out the door.

Harbour Tour

Spend some of your day on the water, taking in Hong Kong’s some 260 islands in a traditional Chinese fishing boat called a junk. Today, some of these boats are specifically designed for harbour tours with comfortable seating areas and a café, such as Aqua Luna hop-on hop-off version. If you want a more vintage version, you will find boats that will take you on one-hour tours leaving from Kowloon Public Pier and Central Pier 9. Make sure you book your tour in advance so you don’t miss out. Bookings can be made at Tsim Sha Tsui ferry pier.

Stop for Lunch

You can’t visit Hong Kong without experiencing some dim sum. One of the most atmospheric and famous places is Luk Yu Teahouse on Stanley Street. Walking inside this establishment will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the Hong Kong of days past. First opened in 1993 little has changed to the beautifully decorated interior with wood panelling and stained glass. The food here is a little on the expensive side, but worth it for the quality and authentic old fashioned experience.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

One of the most beautiful temples in Hong Kong is Wong Tai Sin Temple, dedicated to a 4th century monk three religions practice here ¨C Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. It houses a revered portrait of the monk Wong Tai Sin and is a fine example of Feng Shui architecture. People visit the temple in search of guidance and good fortune.

Lei Yue Mun Fishing Village

At 6pm make your way to Central ferry pier 9 and enjoy the city lights from the harbour as you sail to one of Hong Kong’s best off the beaten track locations. Lei Yue Mun fishing village has a fish market selling just about any type of seafood you could imagine. All of it is about as fresh as you can get with fish swimming in tanks for you to choose from. Stroll through the market to pick your dinner and sit down to an amazing and traditional dinner before seeing some more of the harbour on your way back to the pier.

Whether you are planning a few days in Hong Kong on the way somewhere further, or a longer trip to really experience all this fascinating city has to offer.


Wonders of SouthEast Asia

thailandHistory meets the contemporary and brings out a beautiful combination in Southeast Asia. This chunk of the continent is home to the best tourist destinations, with a variety of landscapes all over. Tourists fall in eternal love with Southeast Asia, all thanks to its sun-kissed beaches, jungles, lush green peaks and a variety of climate changes. To add a cherry to the top, Southeast Asians are known to be the friendliest hosts and would accommodate to the needs of the tourists in the most hospitable ways.

Planning to explore the Southeast chunk of Asia? Here we’ve picked the best travel destinations for you. Whether this is a family trip, backpacking adventure or your anticipated honeymoon, Southeast Asia would delight you a great deal!

1. Cambodia
The land of Cambodia is famous worldwide for its tourism and textiles. The country is home to attractive temples that would most certainly draw your attention. Angkor Wat, also known as the City Temple is the most popular among these. Since it dates back to the 12th century, touring the temple is an amazing way to explore Cambodia’s past. The Bayon Temple and BanteaySrei are some others that are most often admired by tourists. On the Gulf of Thailand lies the wonderful Sihanoukville and its white sand beaches. The Silver Pagoda stands out for its architecture and the gold Buddha statues. Cambodia is warm nearly all year round, leaving tourists with more choice of when to visit the country.

2. Thailand
If there’s one destination you can’t miss in Southeast Asia, it would probably be Thailand! You must have heard of the great Phi Phi. It is located close to Phuket, and is the ultimate spot for beach lovers because of the million activities the archipelago supports. Once you’re in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, do not miss the Grand Palace. The amazing architecture of the gigantic palace and its majestic lawns would leave you awestruck! If you can allow yourself more time in the country, explore its Northern side. The traditional ways of the hill tribes will amuse you a great deal along with the endless adventures the landscape offers. For your eyes to witness the most breathtaking views, take the rail journey from Thai to Burma. Along with the picturesque views, learning more about the history would keep you entertained along the way.

3. Laos
The landlocked land of Southeast Asia has attracted tourists because of its landscape and unique culture. When in the Northern Laos, explore LuangPrabang. This town was listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Despite being small in area, its beauty is matchless to any other part of Southeast Asia. Backpackers would fall in love with VangVieng. The city is famous for the endless adventures it offers and also stands out for the limestone karst hills. The serene atmosphere of the city makes it a perfect tourist spot. Tham Kong Lo is an amazing limestone cave on the PhuHin Bun River. It is considered one of the most special wonders of Southeast Asia. If you’re looking for adventures, it is a must to visit these caves.