Romantic Getaway in the Yarra Valley

Romantic Getaway in the Yarra ValleyWine and dine your loved one at one Victoria’s premier vineyard regions and experience the romance of the Yarra Valley. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder this picturesque wine growing region is such a popular destination for weddings, functions and romantic weekend escapes.

The Beauty of Nature

Experience the endless natural beauty of the Lotus Flower Season. Commencing on 27 December, this premier attraction features thousands of lotus and water lily flower blooms over 14 acres of ponds and ornamental lakes. What better location for a romantic moment with that special person in your life.

Winery and Brewery Tours

Travel by limousine, bus, or car to some of the best wineries of the region and enjoy a romantic winery tour. Sip your way through quality tastings at Balgownie Estate, Domaine Chandon, De Bortoli and the historic Yeren Station Winery. The Yarra Valley is also famous for its world class breweries and cider houses. Tours available. And food lovers won’t want to miss an indulgent Epicurean Food and Wine Tour.

Yarra Valley Accommodation

There is plenty of quality

Spectacular Holiday Destinations on a Budget

BaliMany of us keep our travel plans aside because traveling and saving do not go along successfully. Contrary to this belief, you can always enjoy more by giving in less. There are many travel destinations in this world that are famous for their amazing attractions, wonderful climate, delightful cuisine and much more. Above all, despite your limited budget, you’ll still be able to explore them.

So the next time you’re traveling in a limited budget, lift your chin high because we have a collection of some spectacular travel destinations.

1. Bali
You must have heard of Bali being popular for a luxurious destination. However, it is also a great choice when traveling in a budget. There are endless attractions to be explored in Bali and tourists are left with limitless choices. Bali is a mind blowing island where you’ll find the best of both worlds. Eat, love, pray and do so much more! If you are a nature lover, there is no better experience than to witness the sunrise and sunset in Bali. For sunset, Ulluwatu Temple is one of

Our Guide To 48 Incredible Hours In Hong Kong

Hong KongYour first fabulous day in Hong Kong

Take in Your Surroundings

Start your morning with a trip to Victoria Peak, where you’ll experience some of the most magnificent, panoramic views of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, harbour, and mountain backdrop. To get there take the tram, one of the oldest in the world, that climbs steeply to the top. At the top head to the Peak Tower and the Sky Terrace, where you’ll stand 1,300-feet above sea level. If you prefer to see the city lit up, head up here as the sunsets, and don’t forget your camera. The tram runs everyday from 7am to 12am from the Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus.

After taking in the views head into the iconic Peak building to enjoy the rest of the attractions. Here you’ll find one of the best shopping areas in Hong Kong with a good selection of fashion and gift shops. It also has a fun post office where you can send a specially marked postcard from The Peak! Also at The Peak is Hong Kong’s Madame Tussauds where you can get up close and personal

Wonders of SouthEast Asia

thailandHistory meets the contemporary and brings out a beautiful combination in Southeast Asia. This chunk of the continent is home to the best tourist destinations, with a variety of landscapes all over. Tourists fall in eternal love with Southeast Asia, all thanks to its sun-kissed beaches, jungles, lush green peaks and a variety of climate changes. To add a cherry to the top, Southeast Asians are known to be the friendliest hosts and would accommodate to the needs of the tourists in the most hospitable ways.

Planning to explore the Southeast chunk of Asia? Here we’ve picked the best travel destinations for you. Whether this is a family trip, backpacking adventure or your anticipated honeymoon, Southeast Asia would delight you a great deal!

1. Cambodia
The land of Cambodia is famous worldwide for its tourism and textiles. The country is home to attractive temples that would most certainly draw your attention. Angkor Wat, also known as the City Temple is the most popular among these. Since it dates back to the 12th century, touring the temple is an amazing way to explore Cambodia’s past. The Bayon Temple and

Your Guide to Rio De Janeiro

Rio De JaneiroDue to its size, the climate can change considerably between regions so you should take this into account when planning a multi-centred holiday. Winter in southern Brazil can be cold, so it’s best to avoid this area between June and September unless you want to pack your jumpers! The north-east is simply too hot to have a winter, and the Amazon has a mixture of dry and wet seasons. It’s worth remembering that the seasons in the southern hemisphere are the opposite of those in the US and Canada so, it is a perfect destination to escape the wild winters of the Northern Hemisphere.

When to go…

Rio de Janeiro has a relatively tropical climate with warm temperatures all year round. The city’s high season is from December to March, with the world famous Carnival taking place in February.

What to do…

Rio is one of those cities that you simply have to see to believe. Photographs of the Sugarloaf, Carnival and Christ the Redeemer simply don’t do this great city justice. By day, Rio is a rather laid back city. Take a stroll

Ultimate Travel Destinations for First Time Back-Packers

mexico adventureHuman beings all around the world are encircled with believing in plenty of travel myths. No wonder it keeps them away from stepping out of their comfort zone. Among these myths, one of the most popular one is that you can’t travel on your own. The myth is based on the belief that it is not worth it or because the world is just not safe.

However, little do these people know that there is a world of adventures ready to welcome visitors. The best way to explore them is to pack only the essentials, and set out as a backpacker. So whether you’re traveling solo or with a companion, here are some of the best travel destinations for your first backpacking adventure!

1. Mexico

The ultimate spot for backpacking is most certainly Mexico. It’s unique, adventurous, challenging and much more. Although a lot of people believe Mexico to be a dangerous destination, we’ll give you every reason to make it your first backpacking destination. To begin with, the country wins the heart for being a budget friendly tourist’s gateway. The delicious yet economical food is

Top Travel Destinations for an Ideal Vacation

Hangzhou, ChinaA new year calls for a lot of new entries and grand plans in your life, whether it comes to work or leisure. Each one of us should ideally aim at making it great for ourselves and the best way to make it possible is to devise extra special travel plans.

Discover unknown lands and enjoy a wonderful break away from the usual routine into these finest travel destinations.

1. Iran

Despite the unique culture and timeless beauty, Iran is a marvelous travel destination that is still under rated. Interacting with the wonderful natives is only one of the attractions of tourism in Iran. There’s a lot more to take your breath away. Although the political changes in the country are unreliable, it would be a delight to visit the star attractions of Iran. The Naqsh-e-Jahan Square in Esfahan is the ideal place for families to get together and spend quality time. The Old City in Yazd is a must to explore. The incredible towers that are naturally air conditioned are a must to explore. Persepolis City Complex

Travel the World’s Best Destinations

South AfricaThe top places for travel around the world used to be fairly standard. In fact, most people couldn’t afford to travel much, if at all. If traveling was possible, it was usually done in a car or by train or bus. Now that air travel is so much less expensive, several destinations that one may not even think of are becoming more and more popular for travelers and vacationers all over the world. The following countries are some of the top places for travel in the past year, and some might surprise you!

South Africa

The beauty of South Africa is it’s authenticity. Not only do you have several modern cities to tour and fine cuisine to taste, but you also have the beauty of the natural wildlife, including animals you won’t see any other place in the world. There is a tremendous warmth from the local people and the culture is fascinating.


Travelers love Argentina for all sorts of reasons. The sub-tropical climate makes it a wonderful, beautiful place to get away, and the waterfalls are copious and breath taking. On the other

4 Great Things To Do In Maldives While On Your Honeymoon

scuba divingMaldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean known for its many islands, beaches, reefs and blue lagoons. Due to the beauty of the country, many recently married couples head there for their honeymoon. If you are have just married and thinking of a great place to visit, Maldives is a great place to think about.

There are many things that you can do while in the islands. Some of the most popular things include:

Couples massage

It’s very stressful to organise a glamorous wedding, and what a better time to relax than during your honeymoon. There are many luxury resorts in Maldives that have world class spas offering great honeymoon packages for honeymooners. You should visit these places to have a relaxing and rejuvenating massage with your loved one.

Some of the best resorts that you should consider visiting are: PER AQUUM Huuvafen fushi, one & only Reethi Rah, and Six senses Laamu.

You can have the massage indoors; however, if the weather allows it, you should have the massage outdoors. For example you can have it over a water pavilion.

Destinations You Must Visit in the Years to Come

Cape Town, South AfricaWhether it comes to the snowy peaks, pristine water bodies, colorful landscapes or intriguing deserts, the world has a lot to offer to the tourists. Your travel bucket list might be brimming with countless options, and it is surely a delight when you tick some of them.

There are countless cities in this world that are a complete haven on their own. Here we’ll pick a few of them that you must visit in your lifetime!

1. Cape Town, South Africa

This jewel of South Africa is surely a pleasure to explore. A time out to the magical city will please tourists of all kinds. The breath taking landscape, perfect climate and amazing attractions make Cape Town worth a million trips! There’s a lot to see and do in the city. The Table Mountain is one of the star attractions of the city and the best way to get there is through the cable car. South Africa has a rich history and to explore the best of it, head to Cape Town. A visit to the

All About Touring Morocco

Touring MoroccoIt is always a good thing to travel to new places. If you have time, money and passion for travel and fun, you could go away every year to some of the world’s best tourist destinations. A great place you could explore any time soon is Morocco. Generally a Muslim nation, Morocco is extremely diverse in terms of landscape. Besides its coastlines, the country has dry, barren deserts, mountains and forested regions.

In addition, it has a very rich cultural heritage with European and Arabic influences. Morocco is occupied mainly Berbers and Arabs. The former are believed to be the descendants of Portuguese and Spaniards who escaped from the Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula in 1400s. Being home to one of the most reputable and desirable long sandy beaches along the Atlantic coast, (Casablanca) Morocco is a great place to go with your family.

As you can already speculate, water sports and wind sports are common things to do for tourists. The most renowned of all sports is surfing. In case you will come to surf, just go straight to coastal towns with surfing spots. So

Planning For Your Dream Campervan Trip

Campervan TripA campervan will without doubt make your road trips a classic and one to remember for a long time. Depending on the destination you choose for your trip, a campervan will make it possible for you to maneuver even the remote area ensuring that you get the very best of the destination as far as sightseeing goes. It also offers a self-sufficient way of spending a few days on your favorite camping site together with a few loved ones or friends. But just like any other trip, you still need to make plans for your campervan trip to make it a success every possible way.

Route and itinerary

Even before choosing the campervan that you will be using during your trip, it is important that you begin by planning out your route and itinerary. This is very important considering that some routes or campsites are set far off in areas where there is absolutely no service, no petrol stations, no mobile reception and no power. If you rental company does allow you to travel such routes, then you need to be well prepared and armed with everything

Top 4 Tips for Picking a Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World ResortWalt Disney World has over two dozen hotels on property in addition to their four theme parks. I always highly recommend staying at an on-site hotel for vacationing at Walt Disney World due to all the extra benefits available to on-site guests. Guests can take advantage of complimentary transportation, exclusive extra time in the parks, early access to dining and FastPass reservations, and more. Because there are so many choices, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right hotel for you.

First of all, look for resort choices with accommodations that will fit your group. This is easy with couples or families of four, because all hotels have rooms available for two, three, or four people. If you have a larger group of five or six, there are still many resort choices available, as well. Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort have rooms with child-sized pull-down beds, so the rooms can accommodate five. The new Disney’s Art of Animation Resort has many family suites that can sleep six, and the Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

5 Reasons Why Turkey Is the Ideal Family Holiday Destination

TurkeyTurkey remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, especially with holidaymakers from Northern European countries such as the UK. It is a particularly good choice for families too – here are just five of reasons why this can make for the perfect getaway with loved ones, young and old.

Firstly, it is no secret that a trip to Turkey will not break the bank. The country is renowned for its quality, affordable accommodation and cheap flights, which make visiting the country a great choice for those on a budget. This can be great for families, who will need to find accommodation for a large group of people, pay for family meals and invest in excursions for everyone.

Even renting a car in Turkey is inexpensive, which means that the country remains a top place for those who want to enjoy themselves as much as possible without splurging too much. There are many great all inclusive family resorts in Turkey too, with package deals often saving travellers here even more money on their break.

The next reason why the country makes such a great

Enjoy Your Holidays In South Africa

Holidays In South AfricaMoreover, South Africa enjoys the largest numbers of European, Indian, and African communities in Africa. Tourists from around the world travel thousands of kilometers to enjoy their holidays in South Africa.

During the 2nd century AD, groups of farmers who came from central Africa resided in South Africa. These are the original inhabitants of the country. Afterwards in the middle of the 17th century, the Dutch settlers arrived to the country and they established an independent state in the area near Cape Town, the capital of South Africa today.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the British took control of the country while the Dutch founded themselves a capital that was eventually added to the British Empire in 1877. After a series of battles, the British even governed the areas where the original African community lived.

In 1948, South Africa officially adopted the Apartheid policy that clearly expressed racial discrimination. The blacks were only allowed to work in certain professions. They were prohibited from participating in elections. They were even isolated in their houses, work,

Discover the Bundaberg Region

Bundaberg RegionCoral Coast Region

Known for its access to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Bundaberg has beautiful sweeping white sand beaches. At Woongarra Marine Park visitors can snorkel right from the shore to find resting turtles, bull rays, groupers and Wobbegong sharks. Witness endangered sea turtles as they hatch and make their big journey to the sea at Mon Repos. Within Burnett Heads is a bustling beach culture with waterfront dining, boutique shopping outlets, pubs and clubs. Further south, Moore Park beach allows four-wheel driving along the water’s edge and Woodgate beach even has four-wheel driving trails leading to National Park camping grounds and secluded beachside picnic areas. For the more secluded option, Elliot Heads is situated at the mouth of the Elliot River surrounded by rural cane fields and small crop farms.

Bundaberg Bush Walks

The Bundaberg community is very enthusiastic about keeping active while preserving and increasing awareness of their natural wildlife areas. The Botanical Gardens is a huge attraction sprawled over 27 hectares of land where a variety of tree and plant species are abundant amongst

Five Must Watch Tourist Attractions in Rajasthan

Hawa MahalRajasthan is one of the captivating tourist states in India. Numerous foreign and domestic tourists visit the state every year. Beautiful forts and palaces, colorful mansions, pilgrimages, wildlife destinations, and Thar Desert are the most alluring attractions of the state. Some worth visit tourist attractions of the state are listed below.

Hawa Mahal

It is a unique historical structure in Rajasthan located at the heart of the Pink City, Jaipur. Hawa Mahal is a five story building designed in the shape of Lord Krishna’s crown with red sandstone. Originally, the monument was built for royal family ladies to enjoy sightseeing of daily life activities of the city. It is also connected with the City Palace complex of Jaipur.

Amber Fort

The majestic Amber Fort Complex is located at the outskirts of Jaipur. Tourists can easily reach to the fort complex with a suitable Jaipur car rental. It was built over the top of the Aravalli Hills on four levels. The fort complex is a live example of Hindu and Rajput architectural blend. Many important historical structures, temples, and a beautiful garden located inside the complex

Heavenly Cities for Shopaholics

seoulThe best aspect of traveling to a new destination is exploring its wonderful culture and amazing attractions. All else comes secondary. However, for shopaholics, it is all about spotting the best places for emptying their wallets. That’s what the love for shopping does to people. Fortunately for shopaholics, there are some amazing cities in the world where the shopping experience would make you jump up and down with joy. From the latest fashions to the bargain shops, there’s nothing like shopping at these places.

Although the recommended cities might dig a huge hole in your pockets, it’s all worth the torture. Here are some of the best cities with amazing shopping experiences.

1. Seoul

Surprised? Wait till you find stuff that will keep you addicted for the rest of your life. South Koreans have an eternal love for shopping, and this you’ll experience everywhere in Seoul. The most special aspect of shopping in Seoul is that no matter how meager the shopping, you’ll never be turn down the credit card. Saying ‘Cash only’ is an illegal phrase when in Seoul. The best places to shop whilst you’re

4 Of the Best Party Holiday Destinations in Europe

Party Holiday Destinations in EuropeEurope is one of the best places in the world for those who enjoy experiencing the nightlife of a foreign country – with a number of capital cities and beach resorts all within a few short flights from each other, clubbers are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a new location to party in.

Travelling abroad to enjoy the nightlife has long been an occupation for young Brits, and for this reason there are many well-established clubbing destinations on the continent that are still going strong today. Here are four top party destinations in Europe including old favourites and exciting new hotspots.

One of the most famous party destinations in Europe is Ibiza, the Spanish island that attracts thousands upon thousands of holidaymakers each and every year. Many of them are there to party, and famous nightclubs such as Privilege and Amnesia are just one reason why party-goers travel here.

Many famous DJs perform regularly throughout the summer season on the island, and the stunning beaches and fascinating island culture are other bonuses that make a break to Ibiza well worth

5 Great Locations for Your Greek Holiday

GreeceGreece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with its seemingly perfect blend of history, culture, gorgeous climate, stunning beaches and affordability. For those living in Europe, this country is even more of an ideal place to visit, with cheap flights making it both quick and easy to get to.

For those who have never visited the country before, it can be difficult to decide where to begin your journey. Here are five of the best places to consider visiting when you are deciding on which towns, cities, beaches and areas of historical interest to fit into your trip.

It goes without saying that perhaps one of the predestination for tailor-made trips and package holidays to Greece is Athens, the nation’s capital. A vibrant city, this metropolis is one of the most fascinating parts of the country for its cultural heritage, and has many transport links which is ideal for holidaymakers that are hoping to travel more widely.

Some of the sights not to be missed in Athens include the Acropolis which rises above the